Artisan hand-poured, dye-free
soy wax candles in specially selected
and repurposed glass containers.

All batches are hand
poured into specially selected glass containers.
Each candle is unique.

the story

I have always enjoyed the wonderful scents and
ambience that candles provide and the ritual
of lighting a candle before guests arrive or
at the end of a long day.

I  started making candles with soy wax because
it is plant-based (biodegradable and renewable)
instead of petroleum-based.
Soy wax burns cleaner (and longer) than
petroleum-based candles and has a softer
steady burn or glow. I also prefer to make
my candles look natural and dye-free.

the product

All of my candles are 100% natural soy wax.
The wicks are natural coreless (lead-free)
cotton wicks that minimize mushrooming,
soot and smoke. And most important of all,
the scents are not synthetic.
They are a blend of essential oils and
natural fragrances that are concentrated
extracts from the flowers, leaves, roots,
bark and fruit of an aromatic plant.


Making candles in smaller batches allows
for experimentation. I can combine scents
that are unique blends and explore the
benefits (relaxing, stimulating, soothing etc.)
that many of these scents induce.

All of my containers are repurposed and
most of them are recycled. I find them
in resale shops or at end of season sales
rather than purchasing them new.

Seasonal scents and
other special items are
available at: 

CURATE: A Local Mercantile
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University Boulevard &
County Line Road
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